symtym and the Specialty of Emergency Medicine

symtym  explains, much better than I could, why it bugs residency trained Emergency Physicians when docs trained to be specialists in something else choose EM, then denigrate the process of EM residency training and Board Certification to get themselves included.  A small taste:

…Emergency Medicine is the only one of the twenty-four recognized medical specialties in the United States that is routinely challenged by those not certified in Emergency Medicine as being monopolistic and "not the only path." No one ever complains about the monopolistic behavior of ABS, ABP or ABFM.

He’s on a roll, and he speaks for me here, too.


  1. Goat Whacker says:

    well, I read symtym’s comments, then I went and read Dr. Tony’s comments. Frankly I don’t see what symtym is all upset about, Dr. Tony’s comments seem pretty benign and he barely touched on the Borad certification issue,

  2. >>No one ever complains about the monopolistic behavior of ABS, ABP or ABFM.

    Actually, there HAVE been complaints about monopolistic behavior by these boards. Same with Pain Medicine. Osteopathy generally. That the osteopathic programs, schools, heck the degree itself is recognized was not a given. I saw “We only consider candidates with the M.D. degree” in writing on letterhead from various major teaching hospitals as recently as the early 1980’s.

    The whole AAPS “American Association of Physician Specialists” thing exists because of concern about monopolistic behavior in several medical specialties. EM is not the only specialty so affected.

    So……don’t feel too singled out.