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The AV Guy at the CME Conference

I always wondered what they got out of the CME conferences: insight from the AV Guy: The Vail Trail

You spend many years of your life going to school and you become a doctor. Since medicine is an ever-evolving field, the stuff you spent the prime of your life studying about soon becomes a bit outdated. So you have to go to these meetings every so often to get caught up on all the new-fangled advancements.

This is where I come in. See, I spent the prime of my life finding new ways to induce the phenomenon commonly known as the ?head rush.? Meaning that I?m also attending these medical meetings, but I?m all the way in the back of the room, working as the AV Guy.

Before you write this off as some geek who doesn’t know anything but AV gear, read the article.  This guy could be writing for The Onion.

via Daily Capsules

Coalition and Center for Ethical Medical Testimony

I didn’t even know this existed: Coalition and Center for Ethical Medical Testimony.

The Coalition and Center for Ethical Medical Testimony is a nonprofit professional membership association dedicated to ensuring that all testimony offered by those designated as medical experts is truthful, and that expert witnesses conduct themselves in accordance with principles of ethics of their profession.

It’s a good idea, and their Statement of Direction is a model for ethical testimony.