2005: Year of the Air Conditoner

Nearly three years ago we bought our beautiful contemporary home, built in 1981.  It had original everything, including the mechanical systems, which were nearly up to the job three years ago.  Last year we really noticed that the AC struggled (valiantly) against the Texas heat and humidity, but it was an all day battle, with the units running nearly 24/7.  Oh, and the electric company noticed too, and billed us for it.  Owee.

Earlier this year we had the big unit replaced, and it has made a world of difference in our comfort (I’m waiting for the electric company to let us in on their take).  Today we start replacing the ‘little’ unit that cools the small side of the house, and we’re looking forward to it.  The company that did the first is doing the second, and they’re absolutely the most professional company I’ve ever hired.  I’d give them a plug, but as I pay full price for their work, I think they should buy an ad!  (Insert wry grin here).

So, I’ll be a tad busy supervising pros who don’t need my help but will get it anyway, and my posting may suffer for it.  The good news is that this should take care of the AC for about 20 years, and that makes me happy!

See?  There are things that make me happy.


  1. Doc,

    I’m in Houston… and believe me, I just dropped almost three grand on a new a/c about three weeks ago. Well worth it Doc, well worth it.

    Semper Fi!

  2. Out here inthe SF Bay area we only have a few stinkin hot days per year so I don’t AC. But boy, having the shade curtains to hang off the eves has made a huge difference in comfort.

    I had mine made after I saw them at an event, I’ve never seen them commercially. I should take photos. Hmmn. They are commercial shade cloth hemmed top & bottom with grommet holes at the top and weights at the bottom. They take about 15 minutes to put up over the whole sunny side of the house.

    The fabric is blue knit 80% shade.