Archives for May 22, 2005

Iatremia: The Chaplin.News: Are You Submissive?

A little concerned: Iatremia: The Chaplin.News: Are You Submissive?.

Are You Submissive?


Please submit your articles for the upcoming Grand Rounds by Monday, 5/23, 6pm EST to "news-AT-chaplin-DOT-nu" with the subject "Grand Rounds."

If not, it could be the shortest one yet.

So, get yours in, now, so Iatremia can get some sleep.

Star Wars and F1

Watching my Tivo’d F1 qualifying, and the intro is an amusing compilation of cuts between scenes from the latest Star Wars movie and racers/teams.  Very funny, and a nice way to change up the intro.

A touch later, pics of George Lucas at the Monaco GP qualifying, posing with the crews, etc.  According to the announcers, he’s a big F1 fan.

I suppose it says something about me that I’d rather watch an F1 qualifying than the latest Lucas movie.  Probably nothing good.