Archives for May 24, 2005

What is blogging? A Definition

The best single sentence describing blogging I’ve ever read: Huffington?s Toast – Not Affiliated With Arianna Huffington or The Huffington Post ? Blog Archive ? Jim Dandy.

How wonderful, to see blogging serving its purpose, i.e. giving wide exposure to a writer who would otherwise be using a rented Bobcat to fill low places on his property with rejection slips, empty Zoloft bottles, and restraining orders.

I could rent a bobcat? I’m there!

MedBlogs Grand Rounds XXXV

Another in a series:  Iatremia: The Chaplin.News: Grand Rounds XXXV.

"A witty saying proves nothing." –Francois Marie Arouet
Welcome to Grand Rounds XXXV! As the summer begins to heat up, the memory of the box office smash hits, catchy lyrics, t-shirt slogans and favorite summer reads came unbidden to mind as I compiled this week’s offerings. May I present to you The Quotable Grand Rounds?

Go forth, read, and quote!