I am, today, twice the age I ever thought I’d be.

42, for those keeping score at home.

Blogging suspended for today, in celebration.

Celebrate yourselves, in your own way.


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    Well, in that case, happy birthday to you from The Pholks!

  2. Curious. “Twice the age I thought I would be.” Poetic, perhaps, but cryptic.
    Tomorrow should be a better day, I should think (unless you overdo today).

  3. My advice is to open a really good bottle of cabernet, preferably one so thick you can stand a spoon up in it. Add in a steak, and you’re set! Oh, and one more thing — make sure you don’t have to pull the night shift this evening (that’s what I did last year, and my 42nd birthday present was a multiple injury accident). Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday young man. Double it again.

  5. Happy Birthday!
    Hope it’s everything you deserve!

  6. As someone who is within a very close margin of the age you have just attained, let me say that it’s not that bad…

    Happy belated birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a good one.

  8. GruntDoc says:

    Thanks, everyone. It was quite a nice birthday, and I’m hoping for many more.

  9. Congrats!

  10. Happy belated.

  11. Belated happy birthday!
    Hope you had a blast.

  12. AuntSusie says:

    Glad that you are getting to experience
    more of the Fabulous Forties!!!! Did your wife
    remember to get the card from Ron & Me out of
    hiding? If so: “H.B. – AGAIN.” If not, ask her
    about it.luv,auntsusie

  13. Happy birthday!!

  14. Happy birthday!!!! Belated!