Junk mail and junk calls that I paid to get

…or, why I will not be giving money to any political party in the future.

This last Presidential election cycle I gave a very small donation to one of the parties (doesn’t matter which).  This meager donation has resulted in 1-3 phone calls per day from affiliated ‘give us money’ groups, along with innumerable mailings from similar political groups, again wanting access to my wallet.

I stopped being an NRA member a while back mostly because of the continuous pleas for more money, now!  Seems my membership or donation money is me paying to be on a mailing list.

Phooey on that.  I will never again give money to any political party that won’t put, in writing, that I will not be contacted again.


  1. They are only doing what works; their survival depends on it.

    Next time, just give them a fake address.

  2. Last year, I purposefully gave no political party any money. That didn’t stop the local county Medical Society for “volunteering” my name to one of the parties. I now receive 2-3 mailings (and calls) a week from this party and their associated hangers-on.

    I’m happy to report that I am no longer a member of the county Medical Society.

  3. I was wondering if I was alone i guess not. I fed the children for a whole year and all I got from them were propositions from AHA,EWTN, every group you can name knocking down my door calling too. What a joke. I will give to the poor just not through these people ever again.