Linksys Geekery

You may safely skip this post.  It concerns tweaking your Linksys wireless router, and it has been quite fun for me.

It turns out that the Linksys gear we use on our desktops is well engineered, and made to high standards.  Also, the radio part of the Linksys wireless router has a power adjustment, but you can’t get to it with the stock firmware.  The power is set to a very low output so as to be Euro-friendly to their specs, but not up to the allowable US specs.

Enter the third-party vendor.  The  hardware is a known commodity, and there are geniuses out there who want to tweak it.  I looked into it because I have a wireless network in my home (too lazy and cheap to run a wired network all over the house), but the far-away computers said ‘low signal strength’ with the stock router, and I needed to do better.

Sveasoft makes software for my wireless router, and it advertised adjustable strength for the radio output.  Long story short, it works!  My signal strength is way up in the far computer, and should I desire to tinker with a myriad of settings, they’re all there for the noodling.

So, it works.  My upgrade went really smoothly, but their forums are filled with horror stories, so caveat emptor.