MedBlogs Grand Rounds XXXII

12 hours early (MD/PhDers are like that) comes: Tales of a MD/PhD student: Grand Rounds XXXII: A Day In The Life of a Medical Student.

Finish studying and do a final check of Medlogs. Stumble upon a post by The Anonymous Clerk asking Does NPO Include Holy Food? Decide to head to bed. Because tomorrow will be filled with interesting clinical correlation lectures instead of biochemistry, I’m actually planning on going to class in the morning….



  1. Im a junior in college. My father is a Doctor, hates it. He has convinced me not to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. There is one problem with that. I actually want to be a doctor. He complains about malpractice insurance, HMO’s, Medicare, longer hours, and lower fees. Any opinions to counter this. I know lots of it makes sense, but I do not believe that upcoming MD’s will not make enough money to own a house or a car. If I wanted the multimillions I would go to law school and become a trial lawyer, but I cannot think of something I dispise more. Any guidence or ideas. Just your opinions and thoughts on becoming a doctor in today’s world?? thanks so much