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GruntDoc Turns Three today!

and I already blew it out

Today marks the third anniversary of blogging for me.  I started with Blogger, then Blogger pro, both on blogspot.  I toyed with RadioUserland, but wasn’t smart enough for it, then MovableType, and now TypePad.

It’s been more fun than I thought it would be, and has allowed me to join a community of very interesting people.  For that, I can be truly thankful.

I’m also thankful that you folks keep reading; I appreciate you all.


Greater Milwaukee Today spent the night in an ER: Stat!.

It?s a Friday night, a time when people usually are at movies, out to dinner, or relaxing at home after a long workweek. But not for the staff at Froedtert Hospital?s Emergency Department arena. It?s 9 p.m., and many of them have worked past their regularly scheduled shift. They sustain themselves with caffeine, and there?s a half-dozen bottles of Diet Mountain Dew ringing the workspace. Other staff members walk through, taking a sip of cold coffee or warm soda before they go check on their assigned patients.

"We?ve been getting our butts kicked since 7 a.m. this morning," admits David Gay, R.N. "It?s the icy roads; we had a number of car accidents. There were more police officers here at 11 a.m. than nurses."

Nicely written, not over-dramatized account of an apparently slow night in an ED.  This happens a lot in ED’s: a VIP will come to ‘see trauma’ and we’ll spend the night staring at the walls.

I dumped an old friend yesterday

A friend for more than 14 years, who’s been with me everywhere I have been in all that time.  Still, it was time for us to move on, apart.  These things are never easy, and it has taken a lot of thought and soul-searching to make this change, but yesterday was the day.

I shaved off my moustache.

My cookie duster is no more.  It has had the effect of changing my appearance, somewhat more than I had thought (frankly, I had forgotten what I looked like without it, and enough time had gone by my adolescent-youth photos didn’t seem to correlate with my now appearance).

The good people I work with are very polite, you’ll be glad to know.  Only one person said "No, grow it back!", though I’m sure others thought it.
Other comments:

  1. Makes you look younger
  2. Makes you look "more innocent"
  3. "Different!"

So, my upper lip is now naked, my philtrum out there for all to see.  The biggest change for me, other than averted gazes from my co-workers, is that I’m acutely aware of every breath, as before I didn’t feel my own breath on my lip.  I’ll get used to it, but for now it’s a little odd.

And, for those who wonder what the change looks like, there’s before and after photos in the extended entry.

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