Technorati Search on TypePad

I’ve made a minor change to the left sidebar: Google site search out, Technorati site search in.  Why?  Google site search has never been useful, and the Technorati works very well!  I use two searches to see if a search engine can ‘see’ deep in the blog, C-130 and AMA.  Though Technorati isn’t perfect, at least it finds most of those entries, Google didn’t find any of them.

Note to TypePad users: when adding this to your sidebar, lose the <fieldset> tags and use your own CSS tags, otherwise you’ll have trouble controlling the width.  YMMV, etc.

Now, if the TypePad folks would add the (very excellent) MT search as a built-in TypePad feature I’d have nothing to gripe about, at least for a while.


  1. Excellent idea, I went ahead and added the Technorati search as well.

  2. I’m glad it works well; I was looking into adding it to my page as well…