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Nursing Moments II

code blog: tales of a nurse: Nursing Moments II.

Welcome to Nursing Moments II, the 2nd installment of the Carnival of Nursing! These posts are written mostly by nurses, or by others about nurses or nursing. Because codeblog focuses mainly on personal experiences in the healthcare world, most of these posts follow in that vein. (Ha ha! Get it? Vein!!) Anyway, we have a great array of posts for you to read. Enjoy!

Jems Magazine Prehospital Dictionary

What some of have needed: a compendium of pre-hospital definitions, from the  Jems Magazine.

My favorite is

Manikin-American: n. The politically correct term to refer to a dummy used for CPR practice.

Hat tip: Shrinkette


Now, one of those senseless apologies.

I’m in the midst of a long, long string of shifts, the AC project isn’t finished, so there’s a great hole in the wall (still), and I am noodling with Linux distros.  I need to ‘geek up’ a bit.

So, nothing really jumps out at me to blather on about.  Inspiration will come soon.