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Overlawyered: Every law-blog post an advertisement?

Seems blogs have yet to be fully defined: Overlawyered: Every law-blog post an advertisement?.

The Kentucky Bar is advancing the unreasonable position that when a lawyer operates a weblog, every post he or she puts up counts as an advertisement for legal services. Ben Cowgill is at the center of the controversy, and on the case are David Giacalone, Eugene Volokh, Larry Ribstein, Evan Schaeffer and John Steele, among others.

For the record, this blog is not an advertisement for my Emergency Medical services.

Fascinating look inside UK and US Hospitals

by the husband of a patient who needed medical help: OpinionJournal – Extra.

There’s No Place Like Home
What I learned from my wife’s month in the British medical system.


"Mr. Asman, could you come down to the gym? Your wife appears to be having a small problem." In typical British understatement, this was the first word I received of my wife’s stroke.

Very interesting account of the similarities and differences in the systems.  Oh, and his wife seems to be doing well.

Qatar Requires EM training

You’ll be glad to know on your travels: The Peninsula On-line: Qatar’s leading English Daily.

Training in emergency medicine made compulsory for private sector physicians

Doha: Physicians having their own practice or those employed by private clinics will now have to compulsorily undergo one of the six emergency medicine courses, the Ministry of Public Health has stipulated in a recent circular.

The completion of such a course is mandatory for such physicians to renew their practicing licenses, the Al Sharq daily, reported.

According to the report, the courses are: Cardiac and respiratory resuscitation, accidents and emergency first aid, instant resuscitation, treating emergency child birth cases, resuscitation of neonates and paediatric emergencies.

Such courses were made compulsory for private medical practitioners following a case where a child lost his life since the physician was not aware of the proper treatment in an emergency, the report adds.

The MPH had since cancelled the physician’s practising licence, it added.

There, that’s reassuring.  It’s at least better than ‘multi-culti awareness’.    Travel away!