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‘Meth Mouth’ – New York Times

Link: Grisly Effect of One Drug: ‘Meth Mouth’ – New York Times.

From the moment on Thursday when the young man sat down in Dr. Richard Stein’s dental chair in southwestern Kansas and opened his mouth, Dr. Stein was certain he recognized the enemy. This had to be the work, he concluded, of methamphetamine, a drug that is leaving its mark, especially in the rural regions of the Midwest and the South, on families, crime rates, economies, legislatures – and teeth.

Every EM doc in the US knows this, by sight (it’s a ‘doorway diagnosis’).

I wrote before about Mothers Against Methamphetamine, and it’s a good site with a good cause.  Unfortunately, it’s probably not visited by that many unaffected folks, but is more likely a resource once the drug has damaged someone in the family.

via FFM, who reminds me of the meth triad: tiny tits, tattoos, and terrible teeth.