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F1 Stinks in US

You’ve got to be kidding me: – Racing – Michelin tells teams not to race U.S. Grand Prix – Sunday June 19, 2005 6:16PM.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Michael Schumacher climbed from his car to a chorus of boos, the die-hard Formula One fans unable to accept his first victory of the season after more than two-thirds of the field quit in protest over tire safety.

Sparking a fiasco for a series desperate to capture the American audience, Michelin advised the 14 cars it supplies that its tires were unsafe for the final banked turn at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Unable to forge a compromise, all 14 Michelin teams ducked off the track after the warmup lap Sunday, leaving Schumacher and the five other drivers who use Bridgestone tires to race among themselves.

I’m watching this on Tivo after a shift, and am just heartsick.

Seems to me that open wheel racing is run, everywhere, by utter morons. 
F1 was my last hope, having been a big fan of CART racing, which threw a little fit when Tony George invented the IRL, took all the talent and the best teams away, and managed to screw it up so badly the best teams went crawling back to the IRL.  (I’m a fan and can’t find their races to record; tell me where this series is going).  And don’t get me started on IRL; if they’re the future, it’s not going to be fun or entertaining.

At least there was F1, astonishing drivers and cutting edge technology, until today.  (I was willing to forgive the Schumacher/Barichello switcheroo here at Indy last year, as team payback for Ferrari making Barichello yield to team orders earlier in the season). 

I was seriously considering a family trip to Indy for the next F1 race, and now I guarantee I won’t go, and won’t spend a buck on F1 for a long, long time.

An additional thought: Perhaps the Gods of Racing as as pissed at Tony George as I am.

Best Chief Complaint of the Day

"The daddy of my sister’s baby hit me.  Oh, and I want to be checked for chlamydia."

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.