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F1 at Indy Update

Enraged race fans find the Michelin Man

well, leave it to hoosiers to get it right…

By the way, I didn’t invent this, it was forwarded to me in an email.  I’ve asked the mailer for attribution.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds XXXIX, or 1:39

It’s that time again: A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure.

Grand Rounds XXXIX or 1:39……
Welcome to Grand Rounds, the weekly collection of the best of the medical blogosphere. Over the past few weeks medical bloggers have been getting a lot of exposure in the lay press. With the recentLA Times article and the guest editorial in USA Today penned by DB:

Drug advertising results in more costly prescriptions. Few inexpensive drugs are advertised on TV. The commercials don’t educate patients. Rather, they create a demand for a product based on an effective commercial rather than the patient’s medical need.

Another excellent compendium of links to the best in the Medical Blogosphere.