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The Onion 2056

Again, they have out-done themselves: The Onion 2056.

Survival isn’t an accident: it can be taught. Teach your kids this week.

CNN has been covering the story of a young Scout momentarily separated from his Troop, with a rare happy ending four days later.  Relieved parents and relatives all around, and all’s well that ends well.

An explanation for this:  I listened to an excellent medical CME tape about two years ago.  The speaker was a Navy SEAL who taught survival to SEAL candidates.  It was mind-opening.  He opened with the story of going to LA talk to college kids about survival, and starting with the following exercise:

"Get a piece of paper, and draw the outline of your house/apartment.  Now, draw where the gas and electric cutoffs are."  (Blank stares come his way).  "You live in an earthquake zone, you need to know this.  Survival isn’t some way-out concept about rubbing sticks together to make fire, it’s about thinking ahead and anticipating problems".

I paraphrase, and it’s from memory, but that was the gist I took from it.  I think about survival a lot, it’s an occupational hazard.

This is an excellent occasion to have a chat with the kids about survival, the do’s and don’ts, those basic things that make happy endings that don’t get covered on TV, thankfully.  There are web resources, and please use the ones you want, but I like these: Texas Parks and Wildlife and A Kid’s Wilderness Survival Primer .

Tomorrow I’m taking the little ones out back where there’s trees and some space, and we’re going to talk about survival basics.  Do it with/for your kids, even if you don’t intend to go into the wilderness.

Whistles for less than a buck each (don’t leave home without one for everyone).