Archives for June 23, 2005

Where’s the combo drugs for MRSA?

MRSA is the latest major problem to be dealt with in medicine.  Of the usual bugs that cause cellulitis and abscesses of the skin, this one has been pressured (by docs giving antibiotics) into becoming resistant (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).  Something that was an ICU problem four years ago is now an everyday problem here.

The recommended treatment is now to give two drugs, which (so far) the bacteria cannot deal with effectively.  There are several recommended combinations, and apparently they work well.

So, where are the ‘combo’ antibiotics?  This would seem to be a place where a pill combining the two drugs together in one pill would be more effective (better compliance, etc).  I’m not in the pharmaceutical manufacturing world, and wonder if this would have to basically be a new med and go through every single FDA hurdle, or if it’s a bit simpler than that.

I’ll add some links to the above after my shift.