3 Down, ? to go?

Today completes 3 years in my current job, in Fort Worth at a Trauma Center , and starts year 4.

I enjoy my job, and my practice environment.  It’s cliche, but I had my first post-residency job for about 10 months before I changed to this current job (which means I was looking within 3 – 4 months, do the math).

I like the city, my ED, my colleagues and the nurses, even the cranky ones.  Sure, there are things I’d change, but nothing that’s a deal-breaker, and I’d be glad to retire here.

That’s a good thing in Emergency Medicine!


  1. congratulations! i hope you enjoy the next years as much as the first!

  2. congrats. keep up the good work

  3. Bad Shift says:

    What was your first job?

  4. It was the job I’d always wanted: EM doc in the same ED I’d been an EMT in, while getting my Paramedic registry.

    I was thrilled when an unexpected opening came, and jumped at the very high dollars to ‘go back home’. Alas, single doc, 12 hour days, huge volumes, marginal hospital support, and not having enough time to adequately supervise the midlevels was enough to have me re-evaluating my priorities.

    When still a resident, one of the been-there, done-that Profs said “Good backup is worth $50K a year”, and he was absolutely right.

    I’m much happier here, with more docs, more support, and better backup. Still wish I could have made the first job work out, though.