MedBlogs Grand Rounds XXXVII — Internet Journal of Emerging Medical Technologies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished guests, family, and friends: the faculty of Medgadget is pleased to welcome you to Grand Rounds XXXVII.

It’s a special time of year, when we celebrate Commencement — and send a new crop of doctors, nurses, researchers, and health policy wonks from the comforting confines of academia, and force them to finally start contributing to society.

On this happy occasion, we’ve lined up a diverse group of speakers to share their wisdom with the Class of 2005.


  1. &ltyour name here says:

    So: It’s 3.00 am-o-clock-in the morning, and the patient is circling the drain with MI, ARDS and hyperglycemia.

    No DNR or A/D is offered.

    Your options are:

    (a) Flush, and go back to sleep.

    (b) Flog to preclude litigation.

    (c) Flog as a revenue-enhancing exercise.

    (d) All the above.

    (e) None of the above.

    Q: What is your selection, and why?