Medpundit: How Rabies was Beaten

I was wondering exactly what they did to get the first completely unimmunized survivor of rabies: Medpundit.

The strategy consisted of a multi-drug cocktail. Ketamine and amantadine, members of one class of drug that protects brains against damage, with additional specific activity against rabies in animal models, were used. A second class of brain protectors, benzodiazepines with supplemental barbiturates, were also used at levels that suppress brain activity and metabolism and induce a coma-like sedation. Her brain activity was monitored with the help of an electroencephalogram or EEG.

MedPundit has the details, but the good news is that this young woman was as good as dead, and they pulled off a medical miracle.  Good for them, and good for their patient, who has recovered but still has some deficits.  Read the post for the details.