Mr. Sun!: The boys get a check-up.

Another in my series of links to Public Health Initiatives : Mr. Sun!: The boys get a check-up..

When a man reaches a certain age, it’s time to give the boys a thorough look-see. You don’t need to wait until your nights are a series of five minute naps interrupted by five minutes of standing in the bathroom praying for rain, if you get my drift. I feel it is very important for men to be examined regularly, so I’d like to take this opportunity to walk everyone through the process I just completed in the hopes it will lower the barriers of fear surrounding this very necessary medical procedure. 

I went directly to the Ball Appproval Laboratory, and said goodbye to the boys. They paint them greenish-yellow and spray on some kind of fuzzy ointment. I’m not sure why. I was sorry to see them go, but I knew it was important they get acclimatised:

emphasis mine

Trust me, this stuff is important, and has never been presented in such an excellent manner.