Phishing isn’t just for Grammarians

Wow, who wouldn’t fall for this?

Dear PayPal User ,

After fraud complaints from the PayPal members, the PayPal Inc. had developed a security program against the fraudulend attempts of accounts thefts. For that we have to securise all the members informations by updating and checking the registrated informations. Please go to…

I wonder if ‘fraudulend’ and ‘securise’ are words in some language, not to mention the grammar errors.   At any rate, I suspect this genius doesn’t have English as his first language.

No, we didn’t fill out the form, but did send this one to PayPal, like all the others.

Info on Phishing.  To report PayPal phishing:


  1. I get something like a dozen or so phishing emails every day.

    I see no value in even wasting the time to send them to — the only logical assessment is that they are ignored by PayPal and everyone else being spoofed.

  2. That being said, new phishing schemes use web sites that appear virtually identical to legitimate corporate sites, as well as attacks that do not attempt to directly gain access to customer information, but instead try to discover user’s passwords on third-party sites. Basically, they are no longer relying onpeople’s technological naivete…


  1. GruntDoc says:

    With phishers like this, what do they catch?

    I’ve written before about the very common phenomenon of phishing, and today I got a beauty of the species: …Please verify your information simply by signing your account go to If the account is not Sign out within 5…