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Day 8 of the New Interns

Oh, so that’s how it’s going: Day 8 of the New Interns.

Day 8 of the New Interns

For the first time in my career, I wanted to smack the SHIT out of a doctor today.

Okay, there are times when slow torture, stoning, sabotage and just plain evilness have danced in my fantasies in relation to physicians, but this was just an out and out violent impulse. If she would have been within eyesight I probably would have been fired (or jailed).

Read the rest to see what brought this on.

Unsolicited advice to the offending intern: start planning to change residencies as an R2 now.  Trust me, the next 4 years, 357 days will make you wish you were dead.

Weatherbug and Cameras

This is not a serious or earthshattering post, but it’s something I’ve noticed and think it’s funny.

I use a little program called Weatherbug, which is a handy way to get local weather info, and remote weather should you desire.  It has several tabs, like ‘radar’, ‘photos’, ‘traffic’, but the one I have noticed is the one that’s first, ‘camera’.

‘Camera’ is a live camera, probably selected to be the one nearest my zip code, and the same one comes up every time, from J. L. Boren Elementary School, Mansfield, TX.  Why they want to keep an eye on their dumpsters, and broadcast that to the world, is beyond me.  I do check in on them, from time to time, to see if they’ve moved.  So far, well, they’re dumpsters.


The wonders of the internet.