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Made by and for the US Military: the HOOAH! bar

Because I didn’t know, either: HOOAH! BAR- About the Bar.

The U.S. military needed a performance nutrition bar for the toughest customer in the world – the American soldier. No bar on the market was up to the challenge. So it created the HOOAH! bar. The HOOAH! bar’s mission: to "improve the physical and mental performance of soldiers during sustained operations and under all climatic conditions."

Soldiers are using it at this very moment, in the far corners of the world.

And now it’s available for everyone. Whether you’re hiking 30 miles in the woods, battling a deadline at work, or commanding a platoon of unruly children at home, HOOAH! helps you soldier through.

From their website, it’s a bar that will make you stronger, and probably a little taller and better looking.  Available at 7-11 and through Amazon.

via MedGadget