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MedBlogs Grand Rounds XLII, or 1:42, or 42

shrinkette: Grand Rounds #42.

Welcome to Grand Rounds, a weekly roundup of our best medical blogging. Aggravated DocSurg hosts next week.

Top story: A London EMT blogs about terrorist bombings, at Random Acts of Reality.

    "…Once the shock had settled, I started to feel immense pride that the LAS, the other emergency services, the hospitals, and all the other support groups and organisations were all doing such an excellent job. To my eyes it seemed that the Major Incident planning was going smoothly, turning chaos into order."

Newsweek then reports on his blogging, in ?History?s New First Draft.? Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

We’re going to have to have a MedBlogger Conference, if only to settle the numbering nomenclature for Grand Rounds.  Just like a bunch of docs to have stubborn opinions about the ‘right’ way to do something.  Heh.

Good collection this week!