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Yes, we have ours


A “Tune-Up” from Nesiritide?

A summary of this Week’s headlining NEJM article : Health Care Renewal: A "Tune-Up" from Nesiritide?.

Not a very good endorsement of this latest wonder drug:

Topol concluded, "in my view, nesiritide has not yet met the minimal criteria for safety and efficacy." So, "we need a tune-up of our procedures to eliminate indiscriminate use of drugs, such as nesiritide, when there is not proper evidence of their safety."

I wonder what he has in mind for that procedure?  I thought that was the FDA’s role.

But, that makes it easy.  Just Say No, at least for now.  (And, this again verifies the truism for new drug use: Never be the first to try it, never be the last to adopt it).  I wrote about this earlier, and, to my knowledge, none of my colleagues are using it now either.

via DB’s MedRants