Archives for July 18, 2005

ACEP doesn’t speak for me on this one

Reading the latest Annals of Emergency Medicine today, I came across this Policy Statement:

ACEP deplores the threat to public safety that results from the widespread availability of assault weapons and high capacity ammunition devices.  ACEP supports a comprehensive ban on all sales of assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

Where to start.  I deplore specialty societies that are ignorant of the constitution, and which haven’t learned from recent history.  We had an AW ban, and it was a farce.  Scawwy-looking guns were banned, while the same guns with different stocks were OK.  Also, nobody is crowing about the big changes in gun violence that resulted from its enactment (none attributable to the ban), or pointing out there’s been no change since its repeal.

ACEP should be ashamed of itself for this piece of liberal-pandering.  This is the kind of crap that drove me out of the AMA, and is an excellent way to drive EM docs out of ACEP.

Friday Night Lights wins ESPY

From Sleepless in Midland we learn that Friday Night Lights won the ESPY for the best sports movie of the year!  I wrote my (inane) review in October, and am glad it won.

FNL beat out some serious competition: Cinderella Man, Coach Carter and Million Dollar Baby, all with bigger budgets and bigger stars (and Million Dollar Baby raked in the Oscars this year).

So, congrats to Friday Night Lights for getting some well deserved recognition, and thanks for not making us look worse than we are.

Thanks for bringing your medications in…

To be fair, EMS raked these out of the medicine cabinet and into a bag to bring to the ED.