Archives for July 28, 2005

Please Remain Inside the Vehicle at All Times

Tonight I saw a patient who reminded me of the inexplicable nature of human behavior under stress: my patient jumped out of a moving car "because the brakes failed", and didn’t want to "be in the crash".

These patients utterly flummox me.  My inner dialog runs to ‘how stupid could you possibly be?’ and gives me a desire to ban cartoons, which can be the only explanation for such behavior. 

This happens often enough I wonder if this is lore in some communities / circles, bizarre though it may be.  To say this is a foreign thought is an understatement.

So, stay in the car, wear your seatbelt, and have your brakes checked every once in a while.

IM v Ortho

The Madhouse Madman took a (humorous) swipe at the intellectual capacity of Orthopods the other day, and got a response worth reading.

I just tried to abstract a little to give you a taste, and, it’s just too flavorful.  Go and have a laugh.