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Extension of DST: National Geographic News Article

I’m all for the extension of DST, and would like to see it be the year-round standard.  Perhaps it’s because I’m not an early-riser, "day" person, perhaps it’s because when I get home I want to do something outside, and it’s darker than a cave at 5PM when the time shifts back in the winter.

National Geographic News has an article about the rationale / rationalizations for (admittedly fairly weak, but they’re weak in my favor), and the pretty weak arguments against its change.  It’s worth reading, but there are some bits in here that made me laugh out loud.  Such as…

The airline industry is adamantly against a change of the daylight
saving calendar, which officials say will severely affect scheduling.

"There will be disruption all over the place. If [daylight
saving time] is extended [by] four weeks, we’ll end up with some really
major difficulties," Anthony Concil said. Concil is spokesperson for
the International Air Transport Association, which represents 265
airlines that account for 94 percent of all international scheduled air

"When Europe and the U.S. are on different times, connections
become less convenient. Right now there is one week of discord between
the U.S. and Europe so it’s sort of at a manageable level
," Concil

So, we can do it for one week, but another four would be a real hardship.  Riiiiight.

The real knee-slapper was from the PTA:

…"We remain concerned about the potential safety issues the extension
into March may cause due to the increased danger of traveling to school
in dark hours."

Why did I find that funny?  No, I think child safety is a terrific thing, and m against kids getting run over on the way to school.  It’s the disconnect about what actually happens, or doesn’t, at school: the kids aren’t getting any exercise at school since the PE classes are now "part of the curriculum" and not daily exercise, kids can no longer run on playgrounds, etc.

My main hope to get any outdoor play / family fun time is after school and work.  Sunlight isn’t too much to ask.