Happy Independence Day


Have a safe and Happy July the 4th!


  1. Goat Whacker says:

    Hmm, is that “etiuqseM drofsgniK” charcoal a local brand or something? Happy 4th to all!

  2. I was just walking by a rooom and saw this from the hallway. I don’t know the story, but thought it was modestly amusing.

  3. HM3 Heidrich says:

    Um GD.. its not safe to use O2 tanks to get your grill going.. not even just a little bit… be safe and have a happy 4th!!

  4. Hi,

    Happy 4th to everyone here, too!

    Question for you all about therapy blogging. I’ve just started a blog with a patient of mine (http://coasm.blogspot.com ). I am looking to build up a support community for my patient Beth; any suggestions on therapy blogging would be great.

    Marion Young

  5. Charcoal and O2 oh boy now that is a fourth of July! Fire in the Hole!