‘ICE’ Cell Phone Plan Would Help Rescuers

In the ‘why didn’t I think of that department: ‘ICE’ Cell Phone Plan Would Help Rescuers.

Now a simple initiative, conceived by a paramedic in Britain, has gained momentum on both sides of the Atlantic to try to solve this problem. Cell users are being urged to put the acronym ICE — "in case of emergency" — before the names of the people they want to designate as next of kin in their cell address book, creating entries such as "ICE — Dad" or "ICE — Alison."

This is a great idea, and is going into all our phones.  This tip is from FFM, and his additional idea is worth seeing.


  1. I like that idea!

    My medic alert subscription includes a list of emergency contacts, but sometimes I forget to wear it. Maybe I should put the Medic Alert number into my cell phone with ICE in front of that too.

  2. The first person to make an “Ice, Ice Baby” crack is going to get smacked upside da head.

  3. Very funny!

  4. This site contains ICE Stickers, alerting EMTs that you have I.C.E. contacts available in your cell phone. http://www.icesticker.com

  5. ICE Stickers and Med Alert ID Cards can be found at http://www.livingwillcards.com