If you Fix It, They will Come

Well, now.  If you fix it, they will come: The Monitor – McAllen, Texas.  Seems Texas has gained over 3,000 doctors since tort reform passed.

Coincidence, you say?  Not from my viewpoint.

via KevinMD


  1. No way is it a coincidence. Living on the Iowa/Illinois border, our Illinois campus loses docs to the Iowa campus regularly due to malpractice in Illinois.

    Rumor has it that most EM jobs in Texas are independant contractor type. True?

  2. Many are, but with the usual EmCare-type employee jobs here, too. Both the ones I’ve had in TX have been IC.

  3. Prop 12 was an important first step, hopefully towards true reform. Count on the plaintiffs’ attorneys spinning all news in a bad light, however.

    Excellent blog, btw, from a DFW neurorad.

  4. Thanks, AKS!

  5. elliottg says:

    I’ll post the same comment I posted over
    at Kevin’s blog. Using the same source of
    information as this reporter, the Texas government
    website. During the preceeding 2 years without
    tort reform and at the height of the medical
    malpractice crisis in Texas saw:
    – more doctors added to the Texas roles as a %
    – more doctors added in absolute numbers
    – more doctors added in the specific counties
    mentioned (the supposed lawsuit zone)
    You have to conclude that it is not a coincidence
    that this number was added, but a continuation of
    a trend that has nothing to do with tort reform.

  6. And specifically, the story you cite reports 3000 docs added from May 2003-May 2005, and attributes this to tort reform. The same data shows that from May 2001-May 2003, Texas added 3085 docs.


  1. Does tort reform mean more doctors?

    Grundoc links to an article McAllan, TX Monitor that reports that Texas has gained MDs since implementing tort reform. Commenters point to the fact that it also gained MDs before tort reform. TX is a Sun Belt state that has also gained population an…