OSHA is looking out for us

Saw this the other day in the doc’s changing room (I’ll type out the text in the extended entry, in case you cannot read it in the photo):

Upper, typed, sign:
"Talked to infection control today.  OSHA will make iunannounced visits to our hospital and they have upped the fine to $7,000 per incident of food/drink items that are not in the break rooms (that means per item such as cookies, colas, water bottles, chips, etc).
Leadership really needs to keep educating our staff about this very real problem.  Cabinets are not an acceptable option to "hide" drinks in.  Thanks!"

The handwritten note below:
"I hear they are also going to check if you flushed the potty."


  1. Wow, that is quite a fine! Gotta love that Trotter writing…gotta love Scribes!!! Haha! Take care over there! Kat