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MedBlogs Grand Rounds 1:45

It’s up, and it’s maybe the shortest ever Grand Rounds:AloisMD.

I figure everyone is on holiday.

Dentists Prepare to Be on Front Line of Civil Defense

In the ‘I didn’t think of that’ Department: Dentists Prepare to Be on Front Line of Civil Defense – New York Times.

Dr. Rekow’s plan is ambitious, national in scope and revolutionary in concept: she wants to draw dentists into the squadron of so-called "first responders" – the police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians dispatched for disaster relief and crisis management.

Dentists, she argues, are a rich but overlooked source of help in what is euphemistically called a surge environment, in layman’s terms, the moment when all hell breaks loose.

Well, I won’t turn down any help when the time comes.  In the Navy, the Dental Officers were to serve as triage officers, and as adjunct anesthesiologists if needed in the OR.  I won’t presume to denigrate dentists, but I was a little uncomfortable then and am  more uncomfortable now with that arrangement.  (I don’t know what the current arrangement is, by the way).

Dentists into the breach!

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