Archives for August 18, 2005

Blogger for Word

I don’t use Blogger, but if I did I’d be trying out this puppy: Blogger for Word.  Yes, it’s an add-in toolbar for Word that lets you write in the best word-processor around and then post to your blogger site.  Genius, and should help to decrease the misspellings and grammatical errors on other sites, but not here.

via Clinical Cases and Images – Blog, Which does use Blogger.

The .MD domain

Yesterday I added another BlogAd (and many thanks to the two of you who click through and look at the advertisers), and learned something: there is a " .MD" domain available, like .com, .net, etc.

The advertiser has some clever ideas about selling more than domain registrations to medical types, and I’m not endorsing them, I just think it’s fairly clever from a business standpoint.

However, recalling that the .TV domain was purchased fair-and-square from the tiny island of Tuvalu, I wondered where the .MD originated.  I figure you wonder, too, so here it is:

Moldova, map via

So, this would seem a natural for a Moldovan MD, and I wouldn’t look down on any doc who decided to get their own .MD domain.  I don’t plan to personally, though.  GruntDoc.MD?  Nah.

Oh, and there’s no .DO domain, if you were wondering.

Update: I stand corrected, there IS a .DO!  There’s also a .NP and .PA.  Many thanks to Tim at Symtym for doing my homework for me.