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Lance rides ‘Tour de Crawford’ with Bush

I’ll bet it was hot there, too: – More Sports – Lance rides ‘Tour de Crawford’ with Bush – Saturday August 20, 2005 6:52PM.

WACO, Texas (AP) — It’s no yellow jersey, but President Bush on Saturday presented Lance Armstrong with another shirt to show off his biking experiences — a red, white and blue T-shirt emblazoned "Tour de Crawford."

The leader of the free world and the world’s biking master rode for 17 miles on Bush’s ranch for about two hours at midmorning. Bush showed Armstrong the sites of the ranch that he calls "a little slice of heaven," including a stop at a waterfall midway through the ride.

They were accompanied by a small group of staff and Secret Service agents and a film crew from the Discovery Channel, Armstrong’s Tour de France sponsor, which had exclusive media access for the ride. Footage was shot for a program on Armstrong to air this week.

I couldn’t find a link to that show, but I’ll check again next week.  The really disturbing thing is learning there are "Presidential Bike Socks".  Oy.

Cycling: the sport of Angry Loners?

I have recently taken up cycling as a hobby / exercise program, and I’m enjoying it greatly.  I told friends that "I needed a hobby that doesn’t involve sitting on my backside" until it was pointed out that’s the position for cycling.  Now I just say I need a hobby out of my Comfy Chair.  I digress.

So, for the past 5 weeks I’ve been riding 3-6 times a week, in nice short local rides (longest so far is 23 miles, so Lance I’m not), and have noticed something odd: less than half the riders I meet even provide a courtesy acknowledgment while passing (and this is Texas, where waving while driving still lives (but be careful which finger)). 

Other riders seem friendly, and perhaps I’m reading something into it I shouldn’t, but these folks either aren’t having any fun or are just loners.  Time will tell, but I wonder what other rider’s experiences have been?

Update: if so, perhaps I picked the right sport for me!