Archives for August 24, 2005

Change in my Ad policy

Today, I took down the Google and Blogads code.  I did this for several reasons, and I’ll just list a few here:

  • distracting
  • products / advertisers I abhor
  • contractually cannot make fun of them
  • not going to get rich from them
  • distracting

I will continue to carry Dr. Drury’s ad as long as he continues to want it up, and I’m not against hosting other ads, but I won’t be hosting ads I have little say in.

The impetus to make this change was a joking post I put up yesterday that the plaintiff atty ads in the Google sidebar first made me mad, then I realized they should make me rich, and half-jokingly encouraged readers to click on them.  That was wrong of me (but no harm, no foul: the ads had rotated off the plaintiff group by the time that post went up).  A reader pointed out that was against the Google TOS, and since it was, I had a choice to make.  Now I’ve made it.

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