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Michael Yon : Online Magazine: Gates of Fire

Michael Yon : Online Magazine: Gates of Fire.

Combat comes unexpectedly, even in war.

On Monday, while conducting operations in west Mosul, a voice came over the radio saying troops from our brother unit, the 3-21, were fighting with the enemy in east Mosul on the opposite side of the Tigris River. Moments later, SSG Will Shockley relayed word to us that an American soldier was dead. We began searching for the shooters near one of the bridges on our side of the Tigris, but they got away. Jose L. Ruiz was killed in action.

Although the situation in Mosul is better, our troops still fight here every day. This may not be the war some folks had in mind a few years ago. But once the shooting starts, a plan is just a guess in a party dress.

It’s the best war reporting going, period.

I’d like to think I’d do the same as this ‘writer’ (he doesn’t think he’s a journalist) when things go bad, and hopefully I’ll never know.

Hopefully you never will, either.