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American Red Cross and You

At the top left is now a link to the American Red Cross homepage, which links to a pretty well done donation page, and what they need is moolah.  The days of donating the blankets and beets from the cellar are long gone, and the Red Cross needs cold hard cash to make things happen.  From watching the news, looks like they’re going to need a lot.

This also bears keeping in mind, for those who are a little reluctant to give (via LGF):

…there is no connection between the
International Committee of the Red Cross (a Europe-based organization
with an anti-American, anti-Israel agenda) and the American Red Cross,
who support the United States whole-heartedly, and have even withheld
dues from the ICRC, out of disgust at their agenda. Don?t target the
wrong group, just because they have a similar name.

Give now, if you at all can.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 1:49

Here at HealthyConcerns I often feel like a lone voice in the
wilderness, speaking from the non-health care professional’s point of
view. But if we are heading more and more in the direction of patients
partnering with their doctors to chart their own care, then partners
need to listen to one another and learn from one another.

With that in mind, I’ve organized this week’s Grand Rounds by how
each set of posts helps people like me understand the health care
system and the people that work in it:

It’s a good one.