Archives for August 31, 2005

Ankle Sprain

My son sprained his ankle a few days ago, and I’ve been making QOD photos, mostly for my own amusement.  No fracture, and he’s doing fine, by the way.

Looking these over it occurs to me that I have several ED visits for concerns about the bruising following sprains.
So, without further ado:


Day One.  Lateral ankle swelling (no bruising, trust me).

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MedPundit reviews the new Quicken Medical Expense Manager

MedPundit has reviewed a new Quicken program that promises to track your families’ medical expenses (including pets).  I got an email about this, but lacked the time and motivation to look into it.

Go read about it and see if you could use it.

Minor Tweaking

This evening I tinkered a bit with the font sizes for the blog.  It was displaying oddly in IE (go figure), and this is my try to get the same output in Opera, Firefox and IE.

Please let me know if you find odd behaviors.