Garmin Support: Round 2

For the first round, see here.  Their service (handled in the US!) was very good, and my earlier apprehension was unfounded (as many of the commenters predicted).

I got the unit back roughly 8 days after first sending it in, and they had had to replace it, at no charge to me.  It got here Monday morning, and I rode with it Monday and Tuesday (it’s now Wednesday AM).  Just now I decided to charge it more using the USB cable that transmits the data to the computer (and makes very pretty and informative graphs).  The USB is not coming out of a hub, just computer to device.

‘Bzzzt’ said the USB connector while plugging in, and viola!  Another bricked Forerunner 301.  It’s a really neat gadget, and the heart rate monitor is first rate, but this is going to get expensive if it continues.  I suspect the little cable connector is powering across something it shouldn’t in the plug-in sequence, though I’m not forcing anything, and it fits well once plugged in.

So, another request for an RMA is off.  I like it, but wonder if anyone else is having these issues.