Minor Tweaking

This evening I tinkered a bit with the font sizes for the blog.  It was displaying oddly in IE (go figure), and this is my try to get the same output in Opera, Firefox and IE.

Please let me know if you find odd behaviors.


  1. And, yes, I know the comment “Preview page” looks awful. I’m working on it.

  2. View from an Apple Computer:

    Fine in IE for Macs (unfortunately, IE is the worst Mac browser ever and few use it)

    Text is all in one left hand column 7 or 8 characters wide in Safari. Unreadable.

    Tossed Firefox/Mozilla earlier this week as it is inferior to Safari so I don’t know how it looks in that.

    If you want to bother pandering to we Mac owners after you make sure 96% of internet users can read you , I would suggest concentrating on Safari first and Firefox for Macs second.

  3. David,
    Sorry it’s so bad in Safari. AS I don’t have a mac, I have no way to test it in Safari.