Montana gets one right

This is good news: Local News – Great Falls Tribune –

HELENA ? A new law allows students to carry their asthma inhalers with them at school rather than run breathlessly to the school nurse for treatment, the state Health Department announced last week.

Dr. Richard Buswell, a Helena physician who treats patients with allergies and asthma, said the new law is a good thing "because sometimes the (nurse’s) office is closed where the medicine has been held and the child didn’t have access to it."

This is good news for all these kids with asthma.  Who knows, maybe someday a kid with a mild headache, or a wrist sprain will be able to get a tylenol.


  1. Wow! Amazing…A law that does some good for people. I fully expect it to be challenged soon.
    About the Tylenol for a headache…I think you expect too much.

  2. Yeah, you’re probably right. Too bad, though.

  3. Dare I say only in America!

    from a Paramedic Downunder