The .MD domain

Yesterday I added another BlogAd (and many thanks to the two of you who click through and look at the advertisers), and learned something: there is a " .MD" domain available, like .com, .net, etc.

The advertiser has some clever ideas about selling more than domain registrations to medical types, and I’m not endorsing them, I just think it’s fairly clever from a business standpoint.

However, recalling that the .TV domain was purchased fair-and-square from the tiny island of Tuvalu, I wondered where the .MD originated.  I figure you wonder, too, so here it is:

Moldova, map via

So, this would seem a natural for a Moldovan MD, and I wouldn’t look down on any doc who decided to get their own .MD domain.  I don’t plan to personally, though.  GruntDoc.MD?  Nah.

Oh, and there’s no .DO domain, if you were wondering.

Update: I stand corrected, there IS a .DO!  There’s also a .NP and .PA.  Many thanks to Tim at Symtym for doing my homework for me.


  1. Heh…wonder if there’s an NP or PA domain?

  2. No .DO? I hate to disagree, see, just like .md for the Republic of Moldova

  3. Should have added:

    .PA is Panama
    .NP is Nepal

    For the list, see

  4. If I could bestow a registration in the .md domain, it would be the following:

    To Dr. David Baltimore, current president of Caltech and 1975 winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, I would dedicate the registration, “”

    I wonder when .tx will become a domain. I like the look of “Plano.tx”