Weighty Issues

Obesity is a problem in the US, and I’ve written about its practical aspects before (our scanners cannot hold people whose weight and girth approximate livestock, for instance).

This doctor in New Hampshire probably was doing the right thing, trying to get a patient with a weight problem to wake up and smell the coffee (it’s there behind the third helping), and for his efforts now gets to be investigated by the NH Atty General’s office.

The NH Medical Board either a) has information about this that’s way more serious than that already announced, or b) is filled with utter morons without enough do.

Time will tell.


  1. Actually, there is research on the subject of abrasive doctors. We all say we prefer kind and gentle physicians, but the abrasive ones have a better cure rate because we pay attention to them.

    Which one would you be more likely to remember:

    “Well, Larry, it appears you are a little overweight. Maybe you ought to consider losing 200 pounds.”

    “Well, Lardass, it appears you are 200 pounds overweight so you probably will be prone to the following health problems.”

  2. Have anecdotal experience that supports Bruce Small’s posting. As a primary care provider I had counseled an overweight smoker who was had a hx of an anterior MI multiple times, had offered nicotine patches etc. to no avail.
    But when the cardiologist saw him she yelled at him and asked if he was stupid – he quit smoking the next week and started an exercise program.

  3. Bruce, can you give me a link to the research that suggests calling someone Lardass will help them lose weight? That’s something I would love to see.

  4. Well, being overweight myself, I have a comment…
    I think he did the right thing. No matter how many times it has been suggested that I lose weight, it never really sank in until my doctor told me that I will not live to see my daughters grow up, go on their first dates, or get married. I think he finally got through to me and I am working on it.
    It is harder to lose weight than to stop smoking. Trust me, I know. I have quit smoking.
    Anyway, enough of my rambling…Sometimes, the truth hurts.
    I don’t think, however, calling someone a “lardass” is effective. In my case, it would have put me on the defensive quicker than anything. I prefer Beth.