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A story I highly recommend: – Reporter’s notebook: Treating those left behind.

He’s a reporter now, but his Paramedic backgroud both got the better of him, and provided him with a richer story, and he was able to help.

Hurricane Katrina Medical Relief Effort Status Report

FYI:this color is my emphasis.

Hurricane Katrina Medical Relief Effort Status Report

Sunday, Sept. 4, 2005, 4 pm

Dear Dr. :

Katrina Rescue Shelters Increase: Rescue shelters are growing across Texas. Most available space
in Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has been filled.
Katrina evacuees
are being sent to rescue shelters in Amarillo, Austin, Corpus Christi, El Paso,
Lubbock, and San Antonio on Sunday. Please check with your local county medical
society (CMS) to volunteer.

TMA Working with Louisiana State
Medical Society:
TMA has been in contact with the
Louisiana Medical Society (LSMS). TMA sent LSMS our roster of the names and
e-mail addresses of all the physicians who have volunteered to help. Over the
next few weeks LSMS or your local county society may call you. Please stay in
touch with your local CMS as the need for medical services is growing in many
Texas urban areas.

Bring Your Medical License: Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco has issued an executive order
waiving licensure requirements as long as a physician holds a current valid
license from another state. Read the complete executive order on the TMA Web
site Katrina Relief Resource
If you go to
Louisiana, please bring your medical license, valid photo ID, DEA license, and
prescription pads.  (ed: I would have forgotten the Rx pads).

Toll-Free Number for Medicaid
The toll-free number (800) 473-2783 has
been set up for health care providers to verify Medicaid and Children’s Health
Insurance Program (CHIP) enrollment information and procedures to process

For Current Information Visit the TMA Web Site: The TMA Web site Katrina Relief Resource Center at
is updated daily. Please refer to the
site for up-to-date information on the Hurricane Katrina crisis.


Robert Gunby,

Texas Medical Association