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Physician-Desk-Reference weirdness

This is really strange, and I wonder if anyone can help me figure it out.

Scanning my Technorati watchlist (vanity: it tells bloggers who is linking to them) today I noticed quite a lot of links from a site called "Physician-Desk-Reference", which is apparently not associated with the actual PDR that’s used as a source of last resort when looking up medications.

Looking at the site it occurred to me that I’d seen these posts before, ALL of them, as I’d written them.  This site is reposting my posts with about a 5 day delay, then linking to me as "more" at the end of the entry.  I have no idea why anyone would do this.  The contact info on the front page is blank, so I cannot ask whoever set this up.  (I didn’t and this isn’t an inside job if you’re wondering).

Here’s a screenshot of one entry there:


The PDR rips off GruntDoc

So, help a blogger out.  Why would anyone do this, and what should I do about it?  It’s not really ‘objectionable content’ from the Blogger standpoint (my writing style and topics notwithstanding), so I haven’t reported the site to blogger.  Let me know why someone would do this and what, if anything, I should do about it?

Finally! A Cure for Adult ADHD

Medicine is notoriously short on cures.  Oh, we can treat symptoms, but cures for most things are hard to come by.  But, now a cure is at hand for "Adult ADHD":

One of the
toughest things about being a teacher is dealing with all the latest ‘syndromes’
in our culture of victimization. Whenever a real problem like racism diminishes,
there is always someone willing to redefine the problem to help maintain the
population of ‘disadvantaged’ Americans. This is usually followed by the
invention of a new problem that actually increases the population of
‘disadvantaged’ Americans. Consequently, victimization has become a growth
industry that supplies more jobs for social workers despite their increasing
irrelevance in relation to the real problems of modern society.

Often those fictional problems take the form of ‘disorders’ like adult ADHD.
I always know which of my students have been told that they suffer from adult
ADHD. They are often late and sometimes leave class early to go potty, unlike
most students who go potty before class begins. They blurt out the answers to my
questions constantly – always without the courtesy of a raised hand. And,
usually, they fall asleep in class (probably from exhaustion) after the
fifteenth or twentieth interruption. Later, they are awakened by the cell phone
they forgot to turn off before arriving in class.

But, fortunately, I have discovered a cure for students with this so-called
disorder, which I am now sharing (free of charge, mind you) with my readers.
Here’s how it works.

You’ll have to read it to find out.

via Shrinkette, whose carpal tunnel must be getting better (but probably not cured).

Update 5-4-06: The url moved: In case it moves again, I’ll put the whole thing in the extended entry.
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