Archives for September 22, 2005

Best Chief Complaint of the night

"I smoked Marijuana, and now I feel funny".

Welcome Back

Okay, you’re now on the new Movable Type version of GruntDoc.  It’s not that TypePad was bad (it wasn’t), it’s just that I got tired of not having to deal with the issues of having your own blog on your own shared hosting server.  And the Tinkering (noodling, my wife calls it).

What you should notice: not much, really.  The best thing about this change is that I’m back to the native MT search function, which works terrifically well, much much better than the Technorati or Google blog searches.

There are things that don’t work perfectly well (yet), like the blogrolls not appearing in the category pages.  I’m working on it.  That’s why I switched back! 

Oh and the new NavBar above.  I’ve updated the About page, and the Archives look a lot better.

Please let me know about significantly broken things.