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Fort Worth International Airshow 2005 Cancelled

Well, it’s not a big surprise:

Media Alert
International Airshow Canceled

The International Airshow scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 24 & 25) at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth has been canceled due to the severe weather forecasted to hit North Texas this weekend from Hurricane Rita.

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds notified Airshow officials this morning that they have been ordered to fly all planes and crew out of Fort Worth on Friday morning.

The safety of the general public is the primary concern of the Thunderbirds and the Airshow.    

The Airshow will not be rescheduled this year. It is the first time in the 17 year history of the event that it has been canceled.

 Tickets purchased in advance are non-refundable, as explained at time of purchase. Advance tickets purchased are donations to the Fort Worth Aviation Heritage Association, organizers of the International Airshow.  

"I want to thank the hundreds of volunteers who have donated their time and energies to put on the Airshow," commented Jim Hunt, Chairman of the International Airshow.  "It was the decision of the Thunderbirds, the other performers, Alliance Airport officials and Airshow organizers to cancel the show in the best interest of public safety. The Airshow will be back next year,"  Hunt said.

The Airshow officials noted that hundreds of hotel rooms and rent cars have now been made available in Fort Worth for the Texas coast evacuees.

We’ll get it next year.

I’ve been cursed

The other night I saw a patient with, to be blunt, the most blatant drug-seeking behavior I’ve ever seen.  That’s neither here nor there (no prescriptions would be forthcoming), but it’s the prelude to The Curse:

"I wish you Earthquake Damage!" said this patient, and it surprised me.  Frankly, sailor-talk is the usual, and I’ve never had a natural disaster wished on me by anyone.

So, if there’s an earthquake in North Texas, it’s my fault.  No pun intended.

Delaying Health Care for the Big Game

from ABC News: Delaying Health Care for the Big Game:

Sept. 23, 2005 — It’s down to the final play of the Super Bowl and you’re choking on a pretzel — what’s a sports fan to do?

You’re more likely to watch the game-winning kick than seek medical care, according to a new report.

Physicians at Children’s Hospital Boston, who collected data from emergency rooms in Boston during the Red Sox’s run to the World Series in October 2004, found that patient volume dipped significantly during the most important postseason contests.

The authors used the Nielsen television ratings to determine the magnitude of a sporting contest: the higher the rating, the more important they considered the game. The findings, published in today’s edition of Annals of Emergency Medicine, indicate that the games with the highest Nielsen television ratings — Game 4 of the World Series and Game 7 of the American League Championship Series, both of which were series-clinching contests for the Red Sox — were associated with lower emergency department volume than games with lower television viewership.

Based on their data, the authors believe that one can predict how busy an emergency room will be based on how "big" the game is. This does not come as a surprise to many emergency medicine physicians, who have found they see far fewer patients in their hospitals at times when there is a major sporting event being played.

Anecdotally, I do notice a slightly lower volume in our ED during Cowboys games, but not Rangers games.  I do know that a lot of the staff would like to be watching the "Big Games" they cited, like the ALCS or the Super Bowl, and we wonder, sometimes aloud, why someone would pick that time to bring their six months of abdominal pain to the ED.  Ahh, well.  At least there’s Tivo.